Biological Decoding and traditional therapies: how they complement each other

Google receives almost as many questions about health as doctors. In Spain, there are more searches about health issues on Google than actual visits to the doctor.

Over half of the searches about health are related to illnesses. If we focus on the top ten consultations, most searches every year are about cancer, allergies, back ache, depression, diarrhoea and questions related to lifestyle such as giving up smoking, healthy habits, stress, relationship problems with our partners or children, or dieting, among others. 

Dr Google listens to us and records all the information regarding our health concerns. 

Probably, the most common search this year has been COVID-19, we care a lot about our health. The annual search results will continue to reveal that we are interested in understanding symptoms, illnesses and emotional states and that we want to understand what is physical and emotional health, how it affects us and how we can improve it.

We search for information and we work on our physical and emotional health because they’re the motor that keeps us alive. Having good health allows us to reach wellbeing and lead a fulfilling life.

60,000 thoughts each day

In one single day, around 60,000 thoughts can cross our mind. Imagine how much time we spend thinking about how to improve our health!

  • Why does my back hurt? Will it be serious?
  • How can I get better quicker?
  • Which is the best diet to lose weight?
  • What should I do to get rid of my insomnia?
  • How can I quit smoking?
  • How can I get rid of stress and anxiety?

Sometimes, thoughts about your health can be on your mind for days, weeks and even months, but one day something or someone will give you the push you needed to finally go to the doctor, to the psychologist, to a dietician, to a meditation retreat or otherwise to search and read the topic yourself until you find “something” that is useful for you. When it comes down to it, commitment and responsibility for taking the decisions about your health are always your own. 

The professionals that give supportive therapy from different areas are also responsible for the health of others. They are experts that, thanks to their training and their experience, give support to people in order to help them find the best solutions to cure or improve their health problems.

In this article I want to talk to you about the different experts that can give you support, and help you improve your physical and emotional health. I’ll explain how Biological Decoding is complementary to any kind of treatment. Maybe you were not aware of this, or what health benefits you can obtain if you combine traditional therapy with Biological Decoding. This post may clarify some of your questions.

Traditional therapy

The word therapy (from the Greek “therapeia”) means treatment. Specifically, it refers to the treatment of illnesses, both physical and emotional.

When we speak of traditional therapy we refer to medicine and psychology. Two broad fields that have focused on healing the sick body or recovering mental health. 


Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the father of scientific medicine, believed that the body should be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts. Thus, he described the symptoms of some pathologies and how they could affect individuals (for example pneumonia or epilepsy); he considered health as a “Whole”.

Medicine is the science that studies illnesses and symptoms that affect human beings, their prevention and the treatments for their curation. It deals with people’s physical and psychological health, generally focusing on external factors such as the environment, nutrition, exposure to certain factors and the importance of genetics in the development of symptoms. When the origin of the symptom isn’t known, it is considered to be an idiopathic illness (of unknown ethology).


More than 2,000 years after the origin of medicine, the concept of “modern psychology” was born, in 1879 (there is certain controversy over the date because some studies had been published in previous years). We speak of 1879 as the starting date because it is the year that Wilhelm Wundt institutionalised psychology as a science when he opened the first laboratory of experimental psychology.

Psychology is the discipline that investigates cognitive, affective and behavioural mental processes. Its scope is the study of human behaviour, emphasising the change of behaviours in order to recover emotional balance. 

Medicine and psychology

There are many different schools, approaches, methodologies and applications of both medicine and psychology. 

Biological Decoding

Last Century, in the 80s, there appeared a new way of integrating and understanding the causes of illness in the psyche, the nervous system and the body. Biological Decoding appeared as a new tool for understanding health and illness, based on the organisation of a body of theoretical knowledge (read our article on German New Medicine if you want to know more) about each one of the biological conflicts.

Biological Decoding is a paradigm for understanding health and illness as natural processes. In addition, it is a supportive tool for helping people to recover the balance between body and mind by means of helping the person to locate the conflicts that are the origin of certain physical or emotional symptoms. Its aim is to help us to understand the logic of the symptom, according to the tonality of the specific stress, therefore the therapy helps the person to revise the traumatic events, problems or difficult situations experienced. 

The supportive therapy is presented in a new dimension where diagnostic precision (phases of the illness) and the exact emotional correspondence (biological significance of the illness), permits the construction of hypothesis that can help the therapist to carry out a precise and reliable intervention. Biological Decoding can be considered to be like a diagnosis map, it allows to emit a general diagnosis that can then be verified with, and tailored to, the specific conflicts experimented by a particular person.

When a symptom appears, Biological Decoding always asks two basic questions: what did you experience before the symptom appeared? What have you been able to solve? (the former question will help us to see if the pathology is in the healing phase).

More than the external factors, what really matters is the way that we live before and after the appearance of a symptom, illness or change of behaviour. In order to do this, Biological Decoding will take three factors into account:

  1. The type of symptom, its location and the moment when it appeared. 
  2. The specific experiences that the person has gone through which may be related to the biological conflict.
  3. The moment in which the first conflict appeared, when it programmed a response strategy to this type of stress or conflict. 

With this information, Biological Decoding therapy can support the person, helping them to release the stress associated to an event and gives them new resources to deal with the stress, the process always takes into account the way the patient feels at the sensory level (corporal sensations). 

In order to give supportive therapy, Biological Decoding uses protocols and specific procedures that are defined by the symptoms (physical, emotional and behavioural) and the objectives of the person. These protocols and procedures allow the person to connect directly with their unconscious and access important information about the conflictive event and the survival strategies that were put into motion.

If you would like to know more about how Biological Decoding works, I invite you to take our free course: What is Biological Decoding?

How traditional therapy and Biological Decoding complement each other

Biological Decoding isn’t a substitute for any medical treatment and neither does it alter any treatment. It is a form of supportive therapy that helps the person to locate the moment in which a high stress situation was experienced that is correlated to the symptom, and release the stress from the body by providing new resources that were missing at the time. It’s about the correlation between body and mind.

Biological Decoding and medicine

Does Biological Decoding complement allopathic or traditional medicine?

Yes, because while the second is in charge of giving a diagnosis and medical treatment, Biological Decoding uses the medical diagnosis to construct a hypothesis about the type of biological conflict that the patient has experienced, thus permitting to release the stress accumulated since the instant of the traumatic event. 

It’s a process that allows the release of stress and assists the body’s natural recovery, this will therefore result in increased benefits of the medical treatment.

What happens when we combine Biological Decoding and medicine?

When medicine and Biological Decoding work together, they’re not just complementary, together they give an integrated vision of how the body recovers and combine to give excellent results as well as promoting life-transforming changes in the patients. 

The medical diagnosis allows Biological Decoding to identify the phases of illness and the natural processes of recovery that the person may be experiencing. With this information, the supportive therapy protocols can be applied, in order to release the stress in the body. In turn, knowing the phases of natural recovery can also help traditional medicine to choose treatments that do not interfere with the process. That is, that won’t alter the natural rhythm of a person’s recovery as well as taking into account that symptoms vary over time.

Any treatment aims to modify the inside of the organism and therefore it’s important to understand the process of healing so that the medical treatment will be an ally to the person’s recovery.

Biological Decoding and psychology

Does Biological Decoding complement psychology? 

Yes, psychology deals with the mental processes through different types of clinical therapeutic tools, whereas Biological Decoding addresses biological conflicts that may have taken place in the recent past (triggering conflicts) or in primary life stages (programming events).

Biological Decoding deals with a specific instant of trauma, those milliseconds in which something changes in the body, triggering a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters, that result in a corporal sensation. 

What happens when we combine Biological Decoding and psychology?

When we incorporate Biological Decoding to psychology we broaden the integrated vision of the individual, understanding that mind (psyche) and body are interrelated.

Therefore, the practitioner is not only able to focus on changing the person’s conducts, but can gain a broader, integrated vision of trauma, stress and life programs (life wounds).

If we know how a person’s body reacts when it’s under stress, we’ll be able to choose a more adequate and personalised therapy that can take into account everything that is happening (physical and emotional health). In conclusion, the treatment will be more complete and effective because it takes into account the language of the emotions and corporal sensations of the person.

Concerning a case…

Ana F. phones AWI practice because she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. They operated her urgently but she hasn’t started chemotherapy yet.

She’s phoning because a family member recommended us and she wants to ask a few questions about her case:

  • Is Biological Decoding effective for cancer? How can it help in my case?
  • Can I come to your Biological Decoding practice despite receiving chemotherapy?
  • Should I inform my psychologist that I’m doing Biological Decoding?

These are some of the typical questions that we’re asked when somebody visits us for the first time and doesn’t know how we work. It’s normal to have doubts because there are a lot of alternative approaches, treatments and methods. In order to break a few myths and address your doubts, we’ll try to explain how the practitioners work at the Ángeles Wolder Institute:

  • Biological Decoding is effective as a supportive therapy, it helps a person to locate the conflict events that are the origin of a given symptom, as well as other conflicts that are activated when a person receives a diagnosis (fear of the conflict of the diagnosis, fear of the prognosis, fear of the future).
  • Biological Decoding applies a specific supportive therapy protocol for each type of conflictual event. 
  • It is the person who comes to our practice who defines the objective that will be addressed throughout the sessions. The aim of the therapy is to help the person to access new resources that will allow release from the conflict.
  • Biological Decoding is a complementary supportive therapy. If the practitioner is given information about the treatment that the person is receiving, then it will be possible to adapt the session to balance the body. In fact, we recommend you to do so because Biological Decoding is complementary and the work developed during the sessions may be very useful to know for psychological treatments. 

In conclusion, when a person approaches us with a symptom (in this case a cancer diagnosis), the person will be in contact with various professionals (doctors, psychologists, Biological Decoding therapists, etc.). Some will deal with the symptom with medical treatments, others will deal with the fear of the illness, and Biological Decoding will help the person to understand the phases of illness and focus on the conflictual events by giving the person resources that will allow to change the patterns that are not working and focus on regaining good health.

Information is health

Everything that we have mentioned in this article defines the line of work that we teach and preach from the Ángeles Wolder Institute. Not all schools derived from the German New Medicine have the same line of thought or apply the same protocols as we use at the Institute.

We recommend that you inform yourself well and ask us as many questions as you need before beginning any treatment or consultation with us. As you read at the beginning of this article, we know that you’re very concerned about your health!

Having complete information about what is happening to us, how our body acts when it’s ill, what we can do to regain our health and learn new ways of experiencing conflicts, as well as being able to choose the type of treatment and supportive therapy that we want is an individual responsibility. It means we are on the transformational path of self-knowledge and this can give us the peace of mind we need for resolving and transcending our problem-situations. 

To consider the possibility of suffering a serious illness is highly stressful and it often produces anxiety, distress and fear. Understanding illness and the natural healing processes of the body and having the will to make the necessary change is the best combination for success. 

Don’t let Dr Google tell you what you have to do –the obsession for finding rapid answers to our questions about health without checking the reliability of the source is so common that it’s even been given a name “ciberchondria”. From the Institute we recommend that you check the information with the institutions and/or professionals and carefully chose the supportive therapy that best suits your needs.

Biological Decoding is a way to connect your physical and emotional being and to open a transformational process to reach emotional wellbeing. 

If you liked this article or if you would like to comment on your experiences with Biological Decoding, don’t forget to leave your comments. I’ll be happy to answer your questions!????

© Ángeles Wolder Institute– All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: Biological Decoding is a complementary, supportive emotional therapy, it is not a substitute for any medical treatment. The client can freely choose this therapy to help with their emotional wellbeing. The Ángeles Wolder Institute does not give medical advice and does not recommend its clients to give up any medical treatments.

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