Writing has always been one of my greatest passions. I believe that it has a therapeutic and cathartic power. For this reason, I post whenever I can in my blog, where you can find more than 500 original articles. I also collaborate with other platforms, where I have published more than 50 pieces on wellness, in terms of physical and mental health.

In 2009 I made one of my wishes come true. I wrote my first book about Biological Decoding: “The Art of listening to the Body”.

One year later, after an overwhelming sales success, I decided to write my second book: “El reflejo de nuestras emociones”. Through this book, I could combine  the writing with my other passion: cinema. In it, I analyze more than 200 films, always from the perspective of Biological Decoding.

You can buy my books on Amazon both in Kindle File Format and in paperback edition. For the moment, ‘El reflejo de las emociones’ is only avaible in Spanish. 

The Art of Listening to the Body

The art of listening to the body is based in understanding that each person is unique and experiences emotions differently, so the same emotion can affect different parts of the body according to the way of living it.

In this book, Angeles Wolder Helling invites us to relate to our body in order to understand the messages behind each disease. The author has the virtue of describing the model of therapeutic work of Biological Decoding in a didactic, informative and clear way, and not only proposes to understand the illnesses from another perspective, but to understand what healing implies. The challenge is to learn how to listen to the hidden messages that are behind the physical symptoms, the existential obstacles or the unpleasant repetitions of our lives in order to evolve towards true healing.

Through the pages, as readers we will become aware of our body and start a job to train the listening before and after the illness. It will be only after that when we will discover the impact in our body of what we have lived and the way of living it. Not only in our lives, but also in our biographical and pre-biographical stages (known as transgenerational memories), where we can find surprising and unexpected links to our ancestors.

Biological Decoding reaffirms the concept that psyche, brain and body are intimately interconnected, and the diseases are another form of language. It is essential to pay attention to the conflicts that the person has experienced to improve its emotional well-being.

The reflection of our emotions

El reflejo de nuestras emociones: la descodificación de los sentimientos a través del cine”, was published in February 2019. This book proposes to know the Biological Decoding of his feelings through more than 200 films, so that, in the case of what you want, you can choose another way of living.

 At this moment, this book is only available in Spanish.

Emotional Hunger

Obesity and being overweight have been classified as two of the worst evils that strike down into the society. However, the large number of research and resources invested in finding relief does not seem to find a definitive heal. By contrast, the increasing number of people with obesity is alarming.
Restrictive diets don’t work, the brain just can’t accept them, and sooner or later most of those who practice them regain their previous weight and even exceed it. So, what can you do? Ángeles Wolder proposes a radical solution to us in this book: listen to our emotions and learn to speak the language of our body. From the perspective of Biological Decoding, every time we suffer a traumatic event that we cannot state, we actually suffer a biological conflict that in some way or another has to express itself in our body.
What if obesity was actually the result of a series of misunderstood and repressed emotions? What if the way to lose weight was not to starve and impose restrictive diets, but to express what we have kept quiet about and that we silence with food? Anyone who reads these pages will undoubtedly find an innovative and very useful approach to healing overweight and obesity.