Money, debt and genealogy

What relationship does money have to Biological Decoding? How does a biological decoding therapist work with the problems of money, success and prosperity in life?

Life experiences and transgenerational memories form us and are part of who we are now.

Inherited biological memories from our family tree together with our childhood lessons influence our relationship with money and success. Therefore, the status of our personal economy is influenced by what we learn from our family and also from further back, through our transgenerational experiences.

If you’re not satisfied with your relationship with money and success at present, I invite you to read this article and think about what inherited learning processes could be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Biological Decoding and success

Any biological conflict transposes in exactly the same way as in any existential conflict. Through Biological we can help you to understand what relationships exist between the conflict of an ancestor and an existing problem. Even if at first it may seem that there’s no connection and it isn’t possible to detect hidden loyalties. 

Example: losing a job

Imagine that we lose our job, we can’t find a new one and what few savings we have are disappearing by the day. The body stores each physiological reaction and the stress that the situation produces in us. The cells memorise physical reactions and our mind begins to revolve constantly. Our unconscious stores all this information and activates our most unconscious fears (ancient fears which have allowed humanity to survive). When we confront the loss of employment, we feel fear, devaluation, anger, rage, etc. Without knowing it, we’ll be going through a programming experience.

What we have to discover is if the conflict originated in our infancy, our birth, during pregnancy, conception, or in the life of our predecessors. In all these cases we can explore the invisible loyalties that we may have to one of the members of our family clan. We’ll use this example to focus on family loyalties.

In a situation such as losing one’s job, which is a very stressful situation, our body will try to compensate for the accumulated stress by trying to help us reduce the stress. How does it do this?

  • If we feel “fear of dying of hunger” we are faced with a conflict of food.shortage. The liver will be affected.
  • If we feel “we have no value” we are faced with a conflict of devaluation. The musculoskeletal system will be affected.
  • If we feel “disorganised” in our new situation we are faced with a territorial conflict. The urinary system will be affected.
  • If we feel “distanced” from our profession” we are faced with a conflict of separation. The skin will be the organ affected.
  •  If we feel “anger and rage” at our situation, we are faced with an indigestible conflict. The digestive system will be affected.

In our Biological Decoding beginner course you’ll learn how our biology responds when we experience stress.

The relationship between money, success and affection

The generational transmission of information and beliefs in the family clan is part of the legacy of our clan and we can discover it by studying our genealogical tree. Beliefs, loyalties or the way we react are transmitted through the family tree, becoming integrating as a natural part of our family environment. The same happens with our beliefs and attitude to money and success. We inherit models from our ancestors, who may have suffered blockages or limitations. In our loyalty toward them, we try to repair the conflicts by compensating or equilibrating.

The first thing we must look into when faced with a block concerning money, are our affective relationships.

How did we learn to relate affectively?

Symbolically, love (among many other things) is money. We can see how our society uses money and prosperity in exchange for affection. Some people fulfil their affective needs through objects of value and buy compulsively, justifying that this in that it makes them “feel better”. Other people, on the other hand, have learned to reach happiness and love by cultivating love and affection within.

Usually, in one family, everyone receives “the same education”, however, some family members achieve autonomy and prosperity while others continue to depend on the family (normally on the parents) and have trouble to move forward. Why are there these differences? They lie in the person’s learning experiences related to money and success. 

The physical clues explaining our lack of success

In the face of a success blockage (money) we must ask: “What could have happened in the past for me to experience this situation?”

To have problems is the same as to have an illness. They can be due to choices that we have made in life, or formats that we’re stuck in and don’t let us enjoy life, preventing us form achieving our goals, for instance, or being scared of losing our money, or feeling we don’t make good decisions.

Our problems cause us to live from “doing” and we forget to enjoy ourselves. We tend to respond to circumstances using a mental format and therefore our body will be activated according to the stress experienced previously. It is not the same to act from tranquillity as from stress. 

If the body is off balance, the immune system will not work so well and it will have more trouble to get back to homeostasis. Despite all this, do you have a choice? Yes! When you take the reins of your life you can change your destiny.

The way is to change our beliefs and start to revise the history of our own life. I invite you to read the following reflection that will help you to become aware of your attitudes towards success and money.


  • Step 1: When we are faced with an existential problem we must ask ourselves if what we desire is real, does it come from our soul, or are we driven by our ego? Do I want to live well and enjoy life? Or do I wish for abundance so that I can accumulate riches, or so that I can achieve social standing?
  • Step 2. Let’s go a little deeper into our desires: How am I living, and how do I want to live? How can I be consistent with my aspirations?
  • Step 3: Taking into account the history of your family. Where does the desire come from? Is it your own or is it inherited?

Transgenerational inheritance

Are we all born with inherited problems? No, but we can experience more or less difficulties related to moments of blockage in our lives (or in the lives of our predecessors). When paying attention to these blockages we learn to relate to success and money in a healthier and more balanced manner.

Let us revise common blocks you may be experiencing with money. To do so, I invite you to reflect upon these questions:

  • What blocks your success in prosperity?
  • What is/has been your behaviour in relation to money?
  • How do you feel when you have money?
  • How do you feel when you don’t have money?

As we have seen, our beliefs have great influence on our access to money, but also, there is another aspect to blockage which we must take into account, class neurosis.

What is class neurosis? Class neurosis can explain how unconscious blocks prevent us from being successful in life (or having money, in this case) because of family loyalty. This loyalty is so strong that it is impossible for a person to overcomes the “class” which the family has reached. This results from the necessity to belong and not to be excluded from the family clan, this is the feeling of belonging.

For example, if my family has never had money and “I am afraid of not belonging if I do something different”, I cannot overcome the “class” achieved by my family due to loyalty. This will prevent me from achieving success and I will unconsciously fail and boycott my own projects. Even if I do make lots of money, unexpected things will always happen and I won’t be able to keep it.

Returning to the loss of employment that we were discussing, we can find different memories and loyalties related to money and success. For example, “memories of hunger during the war”, “memories of stolen inheritance”,” memories of debts”, “memories of failures in business projects”, “memories of thievery”, etc. All these speak of “the danger of having money”. Therefore, to “avoid suffering” we might distance ourselves from success and learn to live on the edge of the conflict. However, that which is not resolved persists.

If you would like to know more about the feeling of belonging to the family clan, enrol in the course “Initiation to Family Constellations”.

Finally, to delve into our transgenerational history, we’ll reflect on the history of money that our clan (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents) have experienced:

  • What were their lives like in relation to money?
  • How did they get their money?
  • What problems were there around money?
  • How did they feel around money?

All these experiences and beliefs are inherited in our childhood and we have transported them to our adulthood. Everything we have ever experienced is stored at a cellular level, everything we didn’t accept became a biological conflict. 

But what happens if I do things differently?

  • Will I feel part of the clan if I act differently?
  • What will happen if I feel like a successful person?

We all have the capacity to conquer freedom, all we need to do is decide to do so. If you change your beliefs (and it is incredibly easy) you’ll be able to get rid of the blocks which prevent you from reaching success.

I recommend you try my new course Change your beliefs: the key to reach success, if you want to deal with the blocks that prevent you from progressing in your life. 

There are so many things in life that are more important than money…but they cost so much!

If you have enjoyed this article, leave me your comments and tell me about your experiences with the reflections.

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