Change your beliefs: the key to success

Online course by Ángeles Wolder

Discover your limiting patterns, beliefs or entanglements and transform them in order to reach your objectives

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Why should you take this course?

The difference between a harmonious life and a problematic one can simply be a question of personal development.

To know yourself and become aware of the actions through which you learn. Harmony will fill your soul when you let go of suffering, we can only suffer from our ego. That is why it is so important to know ourselves from our real self, so that we can distinguish what really matters, instead of giving importance to empty expectations whose fulfilment just leaves hollowness, an emptiness within.

Ángeles Wolder has prepared this online course “Change your beliefs: the key to success” to help you to review your conflicts, thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from reaching happiness.

In this self-awareness course, you’ll be able to reflect on how you function, how you think, how you speak, how you act and how you build your own future through numerous exercises, meditations and transformational reflections.


  • This is a completely online and self-taught course. We recommend that you dedicate at least 30 hours, but you decide your own schedule.

  • You’ll study the theory through the texts, videos and recommended literature available in the virtual classroom.

  • You’ll complete activities and tests to help you assess your learning.

  • You’ll be able to access the course during 1 year from the moment you receive the e-mail giving you access to the course.

  • In order to earn the certificate, you’ll have to complete the 6 lessons of the course and and take the final assessment. You’ll be able to download the certificate of completion from the virtual classroom.

What will you learn in this course?

  • This completely online starter course is a great opportunity to discover the patterns and beliefs that limit your daily life.
  • You’ll find out how you can enjoy your life with full awareness and achieve the goals that you set yourself.
  • Throughout each unit, you’ll understand the functioning of the brain, the origin of many of the problems that prevent you from being happy and how to tackle them from the perspective of Biological Decoding.
  • Together, we’ll identify your family entanglements, as well as the beliefs and unconscious mandates that limit your life, helping you to achieve an easy and prosperous existence

What are the students saying?

Change your beliefs: the key to success

Online course by Ángeles Wolder