The five biological laws

Would you like to know how your daily thoughts and feelings affect your organism? If you think about it, you’ll notice that often uncomfortable situations, problems or high stress situations are experimented prior to the appearance of a certain symptom, the relationship is clear.

Let’s illustrate this with a few examples:

Jaime has indigestion, vomiting and diarrhoea and he knows that it has something to do with seeing his girlfriend kissing his best friend. It happened three weeks ago but he just can’t get it off his mind. 

Pol developed an acute bronchitis after Christmas and he knows that the big argument he had with his brother in law had something to do with how he felt the following two weeks and with his cough. 

Magda is sure that her current situation is due to an excess of stress, she is unemployed, the mother of a small child and her partner –a University professor- has decided to take time off family life and gone to live with one of his students, 20 years younger than himself. Too many things together. Stress? Of course, but also shock that leaves her helpless for a few moments when she is given the news. Clear bioshocks in relation to protecting the nest for her child, losing her partner and job. Why is it so clear? Because she is diagnosed with cancer in left and right breasts. One curable and the other incurable according to the doctor who gives her the news and asks her what has happened in her life. It’s quite unusual that doctors should ask this but it is what happens in the film ma ma (2015, Julio Meden) in which Penélope Cruz is Magda, a young woman overwhelmed by her circumstances.

First biological law

Prior to the development of a symptom, the person must have experienced a high stress situation or shock which is called biological conflict. At that instant, the person experiences a strong dissociation that is registered or stored in the body as a series of corporal sensations and a biochemical cocktail. 

Second biological law

Symptoms follow a logical order, they appear in the conflict-active or Cold phase, when the conflict is active and the person is immersed in the problem. When the conflict is resolved, the person enters the healing phase, also called the Warm phase or vagotonia. Symptoms of the Cold phase are worry, brooding, insomnia, weight loss due to a lack of appetite and cold extremities, among others, because the organism is focusing on finding a solution to the conflict. Symptoms of the Warm phase can be inflammation, infection, cell loss or proliferation, because the organism is healing.

A Cold symptom can be, for instance the healing of an adenocarcinoma of the lung. In the reparation phase the right microorganisms could help to reduce excessive tissue, for instance the cavities produced by tuberculosis.

In films, there are more than 500 examples in which tuberculosis appears as a symptom. For instance, in the film Anna Karenina (1997, Bernard Rose), the respectable wife of a minister of the Russia of the Tzars runs away with her lover. Fear of dying? That could be the conflict, then in the conflict’s healing phase, the bacillus of Koch helps to repair the tissues and Tuberculosis appears. 

Third biological law

Biological conflicts are experimented according to the embryonic layer from which the affected organ derives. There are three embryonic germ layers, the endoderm, the mesoderm and the ectoderm. The mesoderm, in turn is divided into two types, the old and the new. When the embryo is developing, a disc is formed with three layTers from which all organs are originated, all organs are originated from one of these layers. 

Fourth Biological Law

According to the fourth biological law, microorganisms have a very important role restoring organs to their normal function after a biological conflict. The microorganisms act as natural surgeons, they fill gaps where cells have been lost or phagocytose the excess cells. They know exactly where, when and how to act according to the embryonic germ layer. Microorganisms have been the link between the origin of life and its continuity. There are millions of microorganisms forming part of our organism, they are there for a purpose, as illustrated by the fact that they are more abundant than our own cells.

There is a very interesting documentary that shows that our species would soon disappear if microorganisms are totally eliminated from our body. The documentary is called “A World without Microbes” directed by Marianne Cramer (2016). The habit of disinfecting and cleaning everything is exterminating large populations of microorganisms that are essential to life. Please watch the documentary and reach your own conclusions. 

Fifth Biological Law

The fifth biological law is key to understanding Biological Decoding. According to this law, all the processes that take place in our organism have a purpose. Illness is called a Biological Survival Program: nature is so wise that it will produce the most suitable symptom to cover the needs identified in the moment of the biological shock in order to assure our survival. The purpose depends on each embryonic germ layer, but we’ll talk about that in another post. 

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Disclaimer: Biological Decoding is a complementary, supportive emotional therapy, it is not a substitute for any medical treatment. The client can freely choose this therapy to help with their emotional wellbeing. The Ángeles Wolder Institute does not give medical advice and does not recommend its clients to give up any medical treatments.

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