Lesson 1: What is Biological Decoding?

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Biological Decoding is a complementary, non-invasive accompaniment based on finding out how the conflicts we experience manifest themselves in our body.
This accompaniment in no way  replaces any medical, therapeutic or psychiatric treatment. It is an integrative complementary path to introspection and personal development.

Biological Decoding is built on the five biological rules, which state that before a symptom appears – be it physical, psychological or behavioural – the person will have experienced a biological conflict.

This is known as a bioshock, a dramatic unexpected situation or event, experienced in solitude, which remained unexpressed or unresolved (we will learn more about bioshocks in lesson 2).The symptom exists because it responds to a specific need, which has to be released through the body. To relieve stress, our brain activates a Biological Survival Program (BSP) that follows a clear and specific logic: the Biological Logic (you will focus on it in lesson 3).

What does that mean? That after suffering any stress which the brain perceives as a danger that threatens its survival, it “passes on the responsibility” to the organ best suited to relieve this stress. This is the program which is activated every time we fall ill.

In general, what is the first thing we do when we fall ill? Your answer is probably “try to get rid of the illness”. This tends to consist of eliminating the symptoms by all kinds of methods. It is normal not to like feeling bad.

However, pathologies and life’s limitations are not things that are “against us”, but factors which help us to understand the ecosystem we live in and why every symptom is useful. For Biological Decoding, the body is on our side.

That does not mean that the individual cannot choose other methods of treatment as well,. The secret lies in finding an integrative treatment for the patient, in which all the methods work together and complement each other, to the benefit of the well-being of the person suffering from conflicts, symptoms or traumatic experiences.

Therefore, decoding is, in fact, learning to speak the language of the body. To understand that every symptom has a word and a function; and based on that function and utility we, biological decoders, will sift through the biography of the patient to identify the moments (or bioshocks) to which the symptom is attempting to find a solution.