Lesson 4: Bodily feelings

Bodily feelings are an exceptional source of information; they tell us how we are living and guide us towards well-being.

It is precisely through bodily feelings that we can connect with the experiences behind the bioshock. Why? Because each moment of biological stress leaves an inactive memory inside us, to which we can gain access if we listen to the messages from our body (symptoms, feelings, etc.).


Each symptom is the result of activation of a natural survival program which is started by a bioshock, i.e. by an event that needs to be released and freed.
The symptom is a manifestation of the unconscious which links the dramatic moment to a type of visceral emotion (for example, how we feel fear, sadness or anger in our body), and this emotion to a biological element (an organ). Every symptom follows a biological logic related to the biological function of the organ involved.
As each function of our organism is carried out automatically, we do not intervene consciously to activate them. 

Visceral emotion or feelings

When we experience a destabilizing event, in the form of a biological conflict, the body stores the energy built up at that moment. This relationship with the way we perceive such events is recorded in our body through specific and recognizable physical feelings called “visceral emotions”.

Key idea: emotion is an “intellectual label”. It is a way to give a name to something we are feeling. But each of us can experience everything related to an emotion in a very different way.

Learn more about how to identify physical feelings as part of the work of a Biological Decoder with Ángeles Wolder.
In the next video she will help us to identify those physical feelings linked to the moment of a biological conflict. How do we feel when we live through an unexpected, unresolved, unexpressed, dramatic experience?

Once we have located the event (the bioshock) we then accompany the patient to connect with their body in order to release the stress and, depending on the unsatisfied need, provide the resource which was missing at that time. It is biological. Our body tells us whether we have eliminated the stress or not.

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