Lesson 5: How does a Biological Decoder work a consultation?

The purpose of Biological Decoding consultations is to help individuals find the moment when the bioshock was programmed. The information which individuals store in their body is extremely valuable for formulating a biological hypothesis, in other words for discovering the origin of the bioshock and then accompanying the individuals through the pain built up and freeing them from the burdens. Once the individual has evacuated all the past conflicts, the symptom no longer has its “raison d’être”.

But in order to achieve release from the conflict, Biological Decoding looks for a way to react against this moment, thus deactivating the tension across the body. This listening to biology is carried out with the aid of integrative accompaniment tools.

Examples of the techniques used in this accompaniment include:

– relaxation,
– sophrology,
– visualization,
– creative therapy,
– unconscious drawing,
– use of tales,
– therapeutic metaphors,
– repetitive gestures,
– microphysiology,
– elements of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP),
– Eriksonian hypnosis,
– family constellations,
– psychogenealogy,
– seven-year cycles,
– bio-memorized cell cycles,
– integrative techniques.

All these techniques are adjusted to each individual’s needs, so that they can reconnect with the exact moment of the bioshock through their bodily feelings.

The Biological Decoder accompanies the individuals so that they can empty the bodily feelings built up and the deep visceral feeling.

But, before we can use those tools, first we have to practise them on ourselves. This is the only way to create trust between the decoder and the individual. This mutual understanding is fundamental if we are to achieve the desired results.

Remember that:

– Biological Decoding is a form of accompaniment to help individuals live a fuller existence by finding the origin of their conflicts.

– Biological Decoding locates the moment of the conflict and connects with the experiences retained, the bodily feelings and the emotions linked to them.

– This is possible because the energy of the events we experience every day is retained in our cells and determines the way we react to them. Some of these events can affect us unconsciously, without us even realizing it, and without us being aware of the effects they have on our body.

Learn more about this in the next video, in which Ángeles Wolder spotlights the therapeutic tools which Biological Decoders use to find the bioshock and release the associated bodily feelings.

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